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1:1 Private Coaching

Elevate Your Well-Being with Individualized Wellness Support

Our personalized 1:1 Coaching offers a confidential and tailored support experience, providing individuals with a private space to address unique challenges and goals, ensuring a more personalized and focused approach.

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Activating Aligned Living for

Conscious Leaders, Seekers, and Guides

Our methodology integrates science-based methods from Eastern and Western medicine focusing on holistic wellness, mindfulness (MBSR & MBCT), energy medicine (BodyTalk), psychology, behavioral science,

and trauma-informed practices.


At the heart of our philosophy is the belief that each person plays an integral role in their own ever evolving journey of healing and transformation, and that this process is supported through the cultivation of deep connection with the bodymind's natural, innate wisdom, which knows how to heal itself.

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What to expect when receiving support from ActivXchange:

Embrace Wellness, Not Illness: We emphasize a positive and holistic approach to well-being that aims focus on the direction we're headed, and incudes nurturing your vision for healing, growth, and a values-aligned lifestyle.

Honoring the Seen and Unseen: Our approach makes space to honor the tangible, that which is visible in our worlds, as well as the subtle influences along the journey that shape our lives and well-being.

Reveal and Nurture: Our aim is not to fix or change. Rather, we offer specialized guidance facilitating a deep connection with the innate wisdom, opening us to experience lasting, positive change through the nurturing and revealing of that which is already a part of us.

Whole-Hearted Transformation: Engaging with us leads to powerful, impactful changes that ripple through our whole beings, inviting us to learn to embrace the shadow and the light with greater appreciation and kindness. 

“When I decided I wanted a *second* divorce, I knew it was time to take a deeper look into my relationship beliefs and patterns. Working with Becca, I discovered that I never learned how to love myself, how to notice cues from my body, or how to be in partnership with self. This insight created a domino effect of healing that was led from MY body-mind, instead of cultural conditioning, family programming, and self-limiting beliefs. The most surprising part of working with Becca is that the domino effect hasn't stopped -- I continue to fall deeper in love with myself, leading to a depth of life satisfaction that I didn't even know was possible!”


Experiential Therapist & Breathworker

Sacred “Seasonal” Containers

As we begin this journey together, it is important to cultivate skills and build momentum. Therefore, we begin by engaging in a three month sacred container that blends masculine and feminine energies, balancing structure and flow. This supports the surrendering the analytical mind, opening us to a deeper engagement of the transformational process.

Initial Session: Find Your North Star

Explore your history, set intentions, discuss hopes, dreams, and fears, and establish expectations for our collaborative journey.

Walking the Path

Over the course of three months, engage six live sessions. Create space for personal growth between sessions, adapting to your unique needs.

Between-Session Support

Stay connected with your practitioner via text or voice messages on the Signal App. Get assistance with home practices and overcome challenges.

Reflection &

After your second to last real-time session, reflect on your journey, celebrating wins and addressing challenges. Together, we'll plan your next steps for empowered engagement.

Future Path: Your Choice

Gain clarity on how to move forward with ActivXchange. Choose to continue 1:1 work, explore group options - the decision is always yours.

BONUS ~ You'll also gain access to:

The AXC Resource Library filled with resources, information and guidance to support the cultivation of your Participatory Lifestyle Medicine (PLM).

Free attendance to select Health Empowerment virtual community events, and special discount codes to attend future events.

Be the first to receive invitations to other live and recorded offerings.


Loyalty 1:1 Coaching continuation options, to support the ongoing cultivation of your goals and wellbeing.

"Working with Becca has been a blessing beyond words. Her gift of presence and profound listening has given me the space and support to go deep into my inner work in a way that very few coaches can. Her reflection and insights are so helpful and her guidance in our sessions always leaves me feeling lighter and grounded. I’m grateful for her and excited to continue working together!"

Christy Risco


Ready to elevate your wellbeing?

Schedule a Discovery Call to get started.


Throughout our sessions, expect to…

Experience Alignment

Build Confidence

Emotional Resilience

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Embrace our authenticity and live a life in harmony with our true selves.

Up-Level Perspectives

 Shift the narrative of your life from fear to love as we cultivate joy, build resilience, and navigate challenges with a heart-centered approach, 

Learn to say yes and follow through on commitments, strengthening our self-trust.

Personalized Roadmap

Walk away with a tailored Lifestyle Medicine Roadmap to support our daily wellness today and over time.

Free ourselves from reactivity, embracing emotional response patterns that allow our true natures to shine.

A Thriving Community

Join a thriving community of conscious individuals dedicated to their personal growth journey, supporting one another every step of the way.

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Engage With ActivXchange

When we embark on this journey, we commit to a process that balances trust, commitment, reflection, healing, guidance and personal growth. How long can I expect this process last? The answer to this question is different for everyone and is influenced by many factors. This private container is tailored to meet each persons unique needs and intentions, making space for the fact that healing and growth tend not to follow a linear path.

Together we monitor, review and honor this. Read more about this and other FAQ's here


Feeling the call? We're ready when you are.

Schedule a Discovery Call today to start your commitment to personal growth.


Hi, I'm Becca.

As an Integrative Wellness Coach, my passion lies in guiding conscious leaders, seekers, and guides on a transformative journey towards enhanced well-being, authentic alignment, and emotional resilience. With nearly two decades of experience melding psychology and holistic approaches, I seamlessly integrate Eastern wisdom with Western practices to empower individuals on their unique paths to heightened consciousness and holistic wellness.

Serving as the founder of ActivXchange and a licensed mental health counselor in Florida, my expertise is anchored in trauma-informed approaches. My goal is to support conscious leaders in their pursuit of equilibrium, spiritual exploration, and purposeful community connections, especially in the dynamic landscape of today.

I bring a wealth of experience to those who have others relying on their leadership, understanding the nuanced challenges and opportunities that come with this stage of life and career. My mission is to be a dedicated partner in this transformative journey, where growth, self-discovery, and emotional resilience pave the way for a future of purposeful living.

“I didn’t quite know what to expect when Becca and I began working together. Throughout our sessions, I felt lovingly challenged to reframe how I viewed certain aspects of personal struggles. I gained tools to cope with some of those things, as well as what I can only refer to as “medicine” through our sessions. I made a major life decision through this process which I can directly tie to the result of our work together, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I strongly recommend Becca to any open-hearted soul who is ready to listen to the wisdom within.” 


Human Resources Director

Ready to begin your transformational well-being journey?

Schedule a Discovery Call today to take a next step towards a more engaged and aligned life.

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