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About Lifestyle Medicine

We specialize in offering a health empowered approach to healing, growth and transformation through the use of science-backed, integrative mind-body medicine.


Participatory Lifestyle Medicine™ (PLM)

Participatory Lifestyle Medicine™ (PLM) is experiential. It involves actively engaging in practices, skills, and mindsets that contribute to the maintenance and cultivation of health and well-being. PLM is a personalized, 
dynamic approach that aligns with our individual values and purposes. PLM is designed to adapt, change, and evolve in direct relationship with one's needs and lifestyle as they grow and evolve over time.

PLM defines our proactive approach to healing, growth and transformation that is at the heart of the ActivXchange (AXC) philosophy and approach. Our practitioners collaborate with you, valuing your expertise with knowing your experience, symptoms, and concerns, combining your unique insights with their specialized training, knowledge, and experience.


Clients who engage this framework report an increase in the appreciation of their own expertise, increase in recognizing and validating the significance of symptoms, improved capacity to discern inner instincts, and greater confidence in expressing questions, and concerns.

Welcome to a health empowered approach to healing, growth and transformation. 


Our Framework

Engage in a collaborative experience, specially designed to support your personal stage of health, well-being and growth for your evolving needs today and over time.

Learn more about the stages of health we support; discover which may best describe you:

Restore. Maintain. Optimize. Expand.


Restore health, address a specific symptom, challenge or concern.
Have you been struggling to cope with emotions; feeling overwhelmed by stress; stuck in life; lacking confidence; wanting support through important life transitions; sensing unresolved trauma… Have things been feeling impossible or hard? Are you feeling ready to engage with a supportive professional? 
It’s possible therapy may be the best option for you.  
One with Nature

Like the seasons of nature, the way these seasons of life flow through our experience is also ongoing and continuous. It is not uncommon for one area of life to be in a given phase while we are certain that other areas are in another.
In life, the one constant is change.

Why ActivXchange is Right for You

ActivXchange specializes in working collaboratively with clients to activate, maintain and optimize health & well-being.

People who choose to work with us are ready to receive support as they explore internal conflicts & nudges for change, uncovering blind spots, and discover new ways of being that lead to enhanced satisfaction, quality and ease in their lives - now and for the future.


Our backgrounds in psychology, mind-body connection, and integrative health provide the foundation for meeting the whole-person needs of our clients.

We honor the interconnections between-mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of being, recognizing that each of these parts of self are intricately linked, one impacting all others.

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