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Our Team

We specialize in supporting the restoration, maintenance and optimization of your personalized journey.

The ActivXchange team is dedicated to empowering conscious seekers & leaders in business, health and life to live engaged & aligned while navigating personalized journeys of healing, growth and evolvement.

Through education and lived experience we have come to know the incredible value & healing potential of integrative offerings, which is why our services bring together evidence-based practices from eastern and western healthcare cultivating a special container for safe healing and transformation to take place.


  • Learn to source balance, confidence and ease from the roots within. 

  • Equip yourself with tools for navigating the ever-changing currents & intensities of life.

  • Remove layers, revealing security, grace and understanding that innate to your being.

  • Open to receiving & allow space for the nervous system to rest. 

Been feeling the pull to reveal blind spots, heal your nervous system and collect self-care activation tools that will support you over the long haul? Reach out, lets connect... 

Meet the Team

Integrative Practitioner


Rebecca Marshall, MS, LMHC, CBP, CCTP 

Integrative Wellness Coach & Psychotherapist specializing in supporting conscious leaders, seekers, and guides to actively cultivate strong foundations of security, emotional resilience, authentic alignment, and ease while moving through personal expansion, evolvement, and the cyclical transitions of life. 

Becca is the founder of ActivXchange. At the heart of her work lies a passion for empowering people of all genders, races, and backgrounds to engage in conscious living from a space of alignment, clarity, and ease. Clients learn to activate and deepen connections with their innate wisdom, actively engaging in practices and cultivation of Participatory Lifestyle Medicine™. 

A practitioner of integrative mental health for over a decade, Becca was drawn through her personal journey of growth healing to weave complementary Eastern methods with evidence-based Western approaches to optimizing healthcare. Over the years, she has successfully supported individuals who are motivated to tap into their natural human capacity for healing and living well.

Many who know her have come to see Becca as a way-shower, skilled in guiding groups and individuals in developing perspectives and practices that support transitioning through the transformational seasons or cycles of life that are part of this ever-evolving journey. 

As a clinician, Becca has nearly 20 years of experience in psychology, energy medicine, and holistic, mind-body approaches to cultivating and empowering health and wellness. Becca is a trauma-informed, licensed mental health counselor (in the State of Florida) and certified practitioner of BodyTalk, mindfulness, and wellness coaching. Becca has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University at Buffalo and a Master of School Counseling from Canisius College and regularly engages in ongoing training and educational opportunities.

Becca is actively enhancing knowledge, skill, and best practices as an entheogen/psychedelic-informed provider supporting integrating plant-medicine and other consciousness expansion methods and approaches (breath work, meditation, Etc.) through engagement.

Administrative Team


Kaitlyn "Kait" Ogburn

Operations Coordinator

Kait coordinates most of the “behind the scenes” operations: overseeing financials, connecting with our community and powerfully supporting the creative healing energies as our services/offerings are generated, considered and chosen for follow-through. Kait resides in Richmond, VA where she engages in a holistic lifestyle with her husband and fur babies.

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Carlee Farhar

Digital Manager

Carlee keeps our website up-to-date, provides support to our monthly community events and outreach, and offers creative support for AXC's presence in the digital space. 


Matthew "Matt" Marshall, Ph. D.

IT Director

Meet our “go to” provider for oversight and support of all technical operations. Matt helps identify and recommend new technology solutions and oversees their development and implementation

- Katie, Entrepreneur

I sought Becca's help for issues surrounding fears of flying on an airplane. In the moments before boarding the plane, my legs were shaking, chest was tightening, arms were rigid, and hands were sweating. Becca was able to teach me how to tap into my ‘body mind.’ She showed me how to “talk to my body” and thank it for allowing me to feel. While on the plane, I used the techniques and found myself feeling more peaceful as I 'tapped in’. I received this support a few years ago and to this day I still find peace in the techniques she taught me in that short time. I was impressed with how powerful the tools were that she gave me.

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