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Whether you're seeking natural solutions to navigate life's challenges, looking for personalized mental health support, or aiming to unlock your emotional potential, our team is dedicated to supporting your journey towards holistic wellness.

Discover Your Path to Holistic Wellness
with ActivXchange

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Our Offerings

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Honoring Emotions: A
6-Week Program for Nurturing Mental Health

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Elevate Your Well-Being with Individualized Support

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Virtual Community Events


Are you ready to gain the skills and tools to support you in tending to your mental health for the long run? Join our 6-week program designed specifically for Emerging Adults, aged 18-23. Learn practical skills to increase emotional awareness, recalibrate your energies, and regulate your emotions. Each week explores a different aspect of emotional well-being, providing tools for stability, stronger relationships, and self-discovery.

Our 1:1 Private Coaching is designed for conscious leaders, seekers, and guides looking for personalized wellness support. Our unique approach integrates science-based methods from Eastern and Western medicine, mindfulness, energy medicine, behavioral science, and trauma-informed practices.

We host regular virtual community events, workshops, and meditation practices. Sign up for our newsletter to learn more about upcoming events, plus get mental health tips, resources, and more straight to your inbox.

White Buttercups

I felt so emotionally open after our session, I feel like I went through an intense energetic shift. Thank you so much for facilitating and holding space for me during the session.

KG, Life Coach

Our Approach

We specialize in supporting the restoration, maintenance, and optimization of your personalized healthcare journey. Our services bring together evidence-based practices from Eastern and Western healthcare, creating a safe container for healing and transformation.


Through the cultivation of Lifestyle Medicine, we honor the interconnections between mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of being, recognizing that each part impacts the others. Our Participatory Lifestyle Medicine (PLM)™ approach encourages active engagement in practices, skills, and mindsets tailored to your evolving needs.

What will I experience? 


Many others seeking change in their lives, just like you, have experienced life altering outcomes including:


  • decrease in symptoms of anxiety & depression

  • increased mental & physical peace and ease

  • improved relationships with self &others

  • increased confidence

  • ability to cope with strong emotions

  • increased clarity and decision making

  • skills & tools for taking health & healing into their own hands

Virtual Conference
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