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Honoring Emotions

A 6-Week Self-Discovery Program to Nurture and Tend Our Mental Health

As life ebbs and flows, so do our inner tides of emotion. Together, we'll stand steady amidst the currents, learning to trust the strength of our ever-present anchors.

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As we move through the changes of life, it can often feel like there's too much going on. World events, family dynamics, school pressures, and work demands can leave us feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, and out of balance in our inner and outer lives. It gets tough to make decisions when our emotions are running high and we feel off balance.

These feelings, while sometimes difficult to manage, are telling us something - and it is possible to learn to listen, interpret, and gain clear direction by upleveling our relationship with them. 


At ActivXchange, we believe in the power of honoring, embracing, and regulating our emotional responses as a pathway to lasting change.


Whether it's finding stability in the chaos, building stronger relationships, excelling in your studies or career, or simply discovering your true self, we are here to support your emotional well-being.

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Honoring Emotions is specifically designed for Emerging Adults, aged 18-23, who are ready to dive deep into supporting and nurturing their mental health.

Our 6-week program offers practical skills and tools to increase emotional awareness, recalibrate our energies, and regulate our emotions. It's not about fixing or changing; it's about revealing, cultivating and tending to our inner worlds.

"I loved working with Becca! Her wisdom, kind nature and healing modalities were wonderful and impactful. I highly recommend Becca’s services and hope to work with her again!”


Life Coach

What's Included


6 weeks of 90-minute virtual group sessions

Educational tools, worksheets, and resources to aid learning, growth, and expansion

Engage in a supportive community built on self-development and personal growth

Full access to the ActivXchange Virtual Library

Free access to AXC Community Connection Events

Discount codes to attend future events

A private one-on-one session with therapist, coach, ActivXchange founder, and program facilitator Becca Marshall

Uplevel Your Mental Health Support

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Program Details

Over the course of 6 weeks of 90-minute group sessions,

become empowered with skills & tools to:

Week 1

Experience the Value of Self-Validation

Stop relying on external sources of reassurance. Learn how to validate our own needs and emotions increasing sense of confidence and security, strengthening the health of relationship with self and others.

Week 2

Understand Shifts in Emotional Intensity

Gain insights into factors affecting emotional intensity learning how to surf the waves with greater ease. Enhance intuition, self-awareness and empathy.

Week 3

Develop New Relationships with the Range of Emotions

Understand the fluidity of emotions and cultivate a compassionate approach to our feelings. Shift out of cycles of "shoulding on" ones self, which lead to feelings of stuckness rooted in shame and blame. 

Week 4

Engage Choice & Broaden Perspectives

Delve into different perspectives of life experiences learning to align mindsets, and actions with desires and needs. Experience the shifts this creates in our lives as we learn to practice embracing a birds-eye view. 

Week 5

Acknowledge Progress & Incorporate Change in Daily Life

Reflect on personal insights, experiences, and outcomes to prepare for a personalized ongoing practice. There are many tools available, yet not one is one size fits all. Discover the ones that work for each of us!

Week 6

Step into the Future with Peace, Direction & Clarity

Revisit our intentions and declare plans for applying this upleveled skillset to today and in our futures. Learn which resources are best to support differing needs across time.


Hi, I'm Becca.

I'm an Integrative Wellness Coach dedicated to guiding emerging adults, conscious leaders, seekers and guides to enhance sense of security, emotional resilience, and authentic alignment. With nearly 20 years of experience in psychology and holistic approaches, I've merged Eastern methods with Western practices to empower individuals on their unique paths to well-being and expanded consciousness.

As the founder of ActivXchange and a licensed mental health counselor in Florida, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master of School Counseling, I bring trauma-informed expertise to support emerging adults in their pursuit of stability, spiritual exploration, and post-pandemic community and connection. 

My goal is to provide therapy and coaching that is accessible, inclusive, affordable, and most importantly—supportive of your individual path to growth and alignment. Consider me a partner and guide on this transformative journey where a future of growth, self-discovery, and emotional resilience eagerly await.

Program Outcomes

By participating in Honoring Emotions, you'll experience…


Increased sense of ease and well-being in understanding the mental, emotional and holistic health of self and others.


Greater adaptability and self-awareness in dealing with life's changes. This skill strengthens our sense of choice and balance, freeing us from the tug-of-war of FOMO...

Emotional Resilience

The ability to recalibrate our energies, regulate our emotions, and make aligned choices with confidence in all areas of life.

“Becca’s work is transformative. Over the four years I have been with her my mental health has improved fundamentally. I was deeply depressed, now I’m not. I was hopeless and now I’m excited to face oncoming challenges – seeing them, truly, as exciting opportunities for growth. I have become more patient with myself, as well as kinder to myself. I’ve also gained a toolbox with which to take care of my mental health both with Becca and in the times between our sessions. I would recommend Becca to anyone that feels they could benefit from feeling a deep sense of peace and wellbeing.”



Discover Balance Within

Dive into a supportive space of growth and self-discovery, cultivate emotional resilience, and join us in nurturing our mental health through Honoring Emotions.

Fill out the form below to join the waitlist and begin on the path to a balanced, supported future.

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Frequently Asked Quesitons

What’s unique about this course?

Honoring Emotions is a 6-week course designed to empower you in creating a new relationship with your emotional world. Through the guidance of a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Wellness Coach, you’ll learn to approach your emotional experience differently. Working directly with this personal relationship (self + emotions_ is the foundation for how we approach all relationships in our lives. We’ll take a deep dive into shifting optics that are not working in your favor and increasing confidence and capacity for feeling equipped to deal with the range of life experiences.

Offering this course in a live-session, group format allows for exponential growth and insight opportunities as one person’s share offers us insight into ourselves and one another. If you’ve never experienced this before, trust me, you will feel the power of this!

Where does the course take place?

The course takes place on a virtual platform through the ActivXchange Community so you may join us live from anywhere in the world at any time.

What is the refund policy?

Once registered for the course, complete consent paperwork and access the private content there will be no refunds. Should you register, not gain access and request refund within the first week of the course a refund will be issued.

What happens after I complete this course?

We’ll talk more about this specifically during Week 5 & 6 course sessions, and during your private 1:1 session. There are many opportunities for continued support, and we’ll have time to review all of them, finding what works best for you!

What's included?

This course combines access to weekly live sessions, opportunities for communication outside of session through messaging and pairing with a community accountability partner. You’ll also receive access to recorded sessions, guided practices and the private AXC Resource Library to support your learning of and engagement with the material.

Plus, you’ll get live, real-time guidance from a licensed mental health counselor and wellness coach each week and specific guidance to support home practice between sessions.

What is a community engagement partner?

During the first week of the course, each participant will be paired with another member of the group. There will be opportunities to share and check in with one another in specific ways that will be directed by us, and will also provide an additional contact to share experiences and ask questions if needed.

What is the investment?

Since this is the first time we’re launching this powerful program in this format so we’re excited to share that participants will receive a special pilot rate – all that we ask is that you open to share feedback with us once you’ve completed the program so we can learn more from your perspective, share insights with others and adapt and improve.

The pilot rate fee for the Honoring Emotions 6-week program is $555.

In honor of the holiday season, Small Business Saturday and Early Bird interest, those who join the waitlist between November 22 and December 22, 2023 will receive a $100 discount offer code.

What will I learn?

Though at the end of the 6-weeks, each person will walk away with powerful benefits, and some may vary. You’ll walk away from the program with a new skillset and several tools specially designed to become a part of your "medicine cabinet" – for supporting your holistic health in ways that align with your personal lifestyle. You will learn best practices for opening more to receive support from others when needed (coaches, therapists, etc.), how to build a positive relationship with your choices and emotional states, and how to increase your confidence in knowing what to do. You’ll walk away from this course equipped with simple practices that will support you in taking your health into your own hands.

How many students will be enrolled?

For this Winter 2023 cohort, the course will be capped at 15 participants. This allows me to be present and available for each of you as needed. As the course fills, we will have a waitlist.

What if I can’t attend a course session live?

Though attending live is encouraged, life happens! There is a recommended order and pace for the course material however, recordings for each course session and all other program content will be available for everyone to access for up to three months after the date of our last meeting.

Uplevel Your Mental Health Support

Click the button below to sign up for the waitlist and receive more information about the Honoring Emotions program.

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