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Connection Events

~ Join us in the Cultivation of Lifestyle Medicine ~

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Self-Love & Money

How To Create A Relationship With Money That Feels Good

Join us for an empowering Connection Event. Together we'll cultivate self-love, activate supportive mindsets, and enact practical steps establishing good money habits that align with our values and purpose.

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We'll explore:

  • Practical tools and insights to enhance foundations of our financial literacy

  • Strategies for cultivating self-love, confidence  and positive mindsets around money

  • Actionable steps to align our financial goals with our values and purpose in our daily lives

We'll accomplish:

  • Meaningful insights to support the cultivation of a positive and nurturing relationship with ourselves and our resources

  • Setting personal intentions, practical next steps, and powerful practices to support engagement over time

  • Powerful emotional shifts that will uplift & light the path for living increasingly aligned with this critical aspect of our well-being

  • Expanded network of connection to support us through challenges and uncertainty into opportunity and discernment   

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This event is for you if...

  • You feel a sense of guilt, limitation or overwhelm in relationship to money (trust us, you are not alone!)

  • You are ready to feel confident, stable and secure around finances once and for all 

  • You are over feeling fear, stress and shame around money

  • This is the year for upleveling financial well-being, to align actions for saving, spending and giving-back with personalized values and goals

  • The time has come to shed beliefs and conditioning of the past that are weighing you down, opening to feel lighter, more balanced and fulfilled

Join us Thursday, February 22, 2024 at 7:30pm EST to Create a Relationship With Money That Feels Good!

Click the button below to register and receive the Zoom link!

About Your Hosts

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Hosted by

Rebecca Marshall, MS, LMHC, CBP, CCTP, is the founder of ActivXchange. At the heart of her work lies a passion for empowering people of all genders, races, and backgrounds to engage in conscious living from a space of alignment, clarity, and ease. Clients learn to activate and deepen connections with their innate wisdom, actively engaging in practices and cultivation of Participatory Lifestyle Medicine™. 

A practitioner of integrative mental health for over a decade, Becca was drawn through her personal journey of growth healing to weave complementary Eastern methods with evidence-based Western approaches to optimizing healthcare. Over the years, she has successfully supported individuals who are motivated to tap into their natural human capacity for healing and living well.

Many who know her have come to see Becca as a way-shower, skilled in guiding groups and individuals in developing perspectives and practices that support transitioning through the transformational seasons or cycles of life that are part of this ever-evolving journey. 

As a clinician, Becca has nearly 20 years of experience in psychology, energy medicine, and holistic, mind-body approaches to cultivating and empowering health and wellness. Becca is a trauma-informed, licensed mental health counselor (in the State of Florida) and certified practitioner of BodyTalk, mindfulness, and wellness coaching. Becca has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University at Buffalo and a Master of School Counseling from Canisius College and regularly engages in ongoing training and educational opportunities.

Becca is actively enhancing knowledge, skill, and best practices as an entheogen/psychedelic-informed provider supporting integrating plant-medicine and other consciousness expansion methods and approaches (breath work, meditation, Etc.) through engagement.


With Special Guest

Susan Howell had a 26 year with the Federal Government, with both the IRS and the Department of Justice Office of The Inspector General. Twenty-two of those years she was a Special Agent and investigated man money-related crimes during her career. The sign on her desk said, “Follow the Money,” because the money tells a story.

Susan grew up in a family that did not have money. She knew she did not want to remain poor and studied money matters on her own from a young age. She began investing at the age of 23 and it changed her life. Susan retired at 50 based on her financial practices and money mindset.

Susan created her business, MoneyMaestra, to share her knowledge, skills, and passion for getting people on the path to financial wellness and ultimately financial freedom. To take the stress, worry, and fear out of money and put in the space, freedom, and joy, so you can live the life you choose.

Susan has created a signature program, “Budget Like a Boss,” because she believes monthly budgeting is one of the key building blocks of your financial house. She has created and teaches various workshops including Women, Money, and Relationships and Student Financial Success Course. Susan writes a MoneyMaestra blog on all things money, she is a public speaker, and works with businesses on Financial Wellness Programs.


Susan enjoys traveling the world, she is an avid pollinator gardener, an animal lover, and a nature girl to her core.

Join us Thursday, February 22, 2024 at 7:30pm EST to Create a Relationship With Money That Feels Good!

Click the button below to register and receive the Zoom link!

All Connection Events include giving-back.

This month, 20% of all proceeds will be be shared directly with Bound by Beauty.

At Bound by Beauty, we are passionate about pollinators and about conserving the important biodiversity that our lives depend on. We want our children’s and grandchildren’s futures to be full of the beauty of butterflies and birdsong, the magic of migration and metamorphosis.

To learn more visit:

Previous Donations:
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cost to attend?
    The cost to attend our events is $33. We've set this price to strike a balance between making the event accessible to everyone while ensuring fair compensation for our event hosts and experts, as well as contributing to our community initiatives. 20% of the total donations from the event will be dedicated to supporting a charitable organization chosen by our special guest. This is our way of giving back and making a positive impact beyond the event itself. We understand that financial situations can vary, and we want to ensure inclusivity in all of our community events. If you or someone you know is facing financial hardship but would still like to attend, please send us an email requesting a discount code for free entry. No questions asked – we believe everyone should have the opportunity to join us. Email Thank you for your interest in our event, and we look forward to welcoming you!
  • How do I access the event?
    Once you complete your registration, you'll receive an email with the Zoom link, as well as reminder emails leading up to the event.
  • Can I submit questions to the speakers or hosts?
    If you have any questions leading up to the event, you can email them to We will also dedicate some time at the end of the event for Q&A and open discussions!
  • Will the event be recorded?
    Our connection events are recorded for your convenience. All registered attendees, whether they can attend live or not, will receive a recording of the event. This recording will be accessible for viewing at your convenience for up to 3 weeks after the event. We believe in the value of building a knowledge repository for our community. The event recording will become a part of our resource library, ensuring that current and future community members can revisit and benefit from the valuable insights shared during the event. So, rest assured that even if you miss the live experience, you won't miss out on the content! The recording will be there for you to catch up on or revisit whenever suits you best.
  • Who can I contact for further assistance?
    For any questions pertaining to our Connection Events, please email
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  Join for the Events, Stay for the Community! - Becca Marshall

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