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Engage. Align. Thrive.

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Individual Sessions
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Workshops + Retreats
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Virtual Courses

One on One Sessions

At ActivXchange we work with you and meet you where you are to provide the level of support you need. 


Our therapy & coaching services offer a safe space for you to connect in a private, one-on-one relationship with one of our qualified professionals. Look below for services best suited to your needs.

Engage in a collaborative experience, specially designed to support your personal stage of health, well-being and growth for your evolving needs today and over time.

Learn more about the stages of health we support; discover which may best describe you:


Restore health, address a specific symptom, challenge or concern.

Have you been struggling to cope with emotions; feeling overwhelmed by stress; stuck in life; lacking confidence; wanting support through important life transitions; sensing unresolved trauma… Have things been feeling impossible or hard? Are you feeling ready to engage with a supportive professional?  It’s possible therapy may be the best option for you.  


Maintain or increase confidence, emotional balance, healthy relationships with self and others. 

Are you feeling the draw to increase skills for creating a lifestyle that is positive, fulfilling and rooted in self- healing, personal strength and self-care? Perhaps you’ve noticed patterns that you want to change and are challenged to break out of the mold or just want a new perspective to help you discover and work with potentially limiting blind spots…

Professional support in one or more areas of your life can assist you in developing and/or maintaining beneficial skills. Depending on your experience and desire, therapy or coaching may be the best fit for you.  


Optimize your life experience.

Perhaps you’re sensing that despite an overall sense of fulfillment; skill in navigating seen or unforeseen obstacles or transitions; skill in balancing your emotions and relationships with yourself and/or others, something is missing.  Things could flow easier.  Something within is ready for deeper connections, intentional cultivation, growth or individuation. Perhaps doors for holistic integration or transformation are becoming available to you. Often these desires signal a readiness for individual/group coaching.

How do I know which service is the right fit for me?
No worries, you don’t have to decide! During your initial call you'll speak directly with an AXC practitioner and together you'll determine what may be the right fit for you.

Restore. Maintain. Optimize.

What will I experience? 


Many others seeking change in their lives, just like you, have experienced life altering outcomes including:


  • decrease in symptoms of anxiety & depression

  • increased mental & physical peace and ease

  • improved relationships with self &others

  • increased confidence

  • ability to cope with strong emotions

  • increased clarity and decision making

  • skills & tools for taking health & healing into their own hands

Virtual Conference
White Buttercups

I felt so emotionally open after our session, I feel like I went through an intense energetic shift. Thank you so much for facilitating and holding space for me during the session.

KG, Life Coach

Workshops, Retreats & Events



We host quarterly workshops or “Connection Events” where all members of the public and private AXC community are invited to engage with experiential, educational programming designed to enhance, health & well-being through introduction to materials and practices in support of your conscious lifestyle.




Our practitioners direct, co-lead, and support deep-dive, immersive experiences where participants are invited to shift from the routines of daily living, to be guided into a deeper dive with practices, reflections & relationships, cultivating personal growth, transformation, healing, and development.


Our Nourishing Roots Retreats offer an opportunity to learn and engage habits that fuel (vs. drain) one’s ability to foster meaningful impacts in the world from a foundation of internal strength & fulfillment.  


Community Events:


Interested in having one of our integrative practitioners support you or your community/team in deeply nourishing the roots of health and well-being through experiential offerings that educate & inspire?


We LOVE opportunities to lead and/or collaborate!


Our practitioners are regularly called on to create experiences or offer input tied to supporting health & well-being, while nurturing individual & community relationships. 


Let’s connect here


Together we can explore ideas and create an event that is catered directly to your needs.


Virtual and Group Offerings

Coming Soon! 


Join Tapping Into Presence, our powerful mastermind community specially designed to support conscious leaders inspired to make meaningful impacts in their businesses, communities & homes, founded in authenticity, integrity and ease.     


Do you guide performance, growth and development within your business, community or home?


Perhaps you’re the coach, therapist, parent or director…  


  • Up-level your healthy lifestyle  

  • Actively engage self-care 

  • Sharpen your capacity for presence and clarity 

  • Fully Activate Your Impact Potentials 

  • Expand Your Toolbox 

  • Guide others from an energy-rich, aligned, overflowing cup.  


“Presence is the root from which clarity, intuition, intelligence & impact stem.” – Becca 


Gain live, step-by-step, expert guidance over the course of 3 months as a part of an intimate community of conscious-leaders intent on leading from a strong foundation, rooted in authenticity and ease.

Yes, it is possible!


Let’s face it, learning to engage high-quality, self-care which includes taking action beyond exercise & nutrition is necessary, and in many cases the ethical choice in leadership today. We (our employees, colleagues and children) are bombarded with choice, technology and perhaps more than ever, unprecedented change.  

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