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Nurturing Wholeness Together: Explore Our Community Events


Join us monthly for Weaving Insight with Community

Hosted by Becca and Stacey Tompkins, this integration circle provides a supportive space for deepening learning, expanding growth, and reinforcing connections for those who have chosen to support personal growth, healing and transformation with sacred plant and psychedelic medicines.

  • Connect with others on a similar path

  • Explore shifts in relationships, spiritual connections, and personal growth

  • Address daily life challenges and discover new ways to meet them

  • Engage supportive practices for navigating change

  • Examine and align inner dialogue

Click the button below to send me an email and receive all the details and register!

What to expect

In the zoom circle we will begin with an opening ritual, move into sharing, and then weave experiences, insights and challenges with special attention on transitions that occur after non-ordinary states of consciousness. We’ll explore how to support and encourage meaningful expansion through active participation in the ongoing process of  integration. 

Topics we'll cover: 

  • What has shifted  in your relationship with yourself and others?

  • Are you expanded in your connection to spirit?

  • In what ways do you feel increasingly (or not) seen, heard and known?

  • What struggles and challenges have arisen in your daily life?

  • How have you met these challenges, or worked to meet them? 

  • What do you need and want, specifically? 

  • What practices support your process?

  • What specific ways may others give to you in a way that you can feel it?

  • What is your inner dialogue? Kind or cruel


Walk away having connected with others who are walking a similar path.

$33 per person per session. Details for payment sent upon registration.

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Join us for our FREE monthly BodyTalk Integration Sessions

Click the button below to register and receive a Zoom link to join us! 


P.S. If you can't attend Live, you'll still receive a recording to engage in the practice for up to three weeks after our session.

What to expect

​In our BodyTalk Integration Monthly session, we will begin with a gentle relaxation practice, move into a collective tuning, and then weave experiences, insights, and challenges with special attention on integrating the events and interactions of the past month. We'll explore how to support and encourage meaningful expansion through this energy medicine modality, tapping into our innate wisdom to identify priorities for growth and healing. Together, we'll create space to pause, reflect, and recalibrate, preparing for what lies ahead while supporting both our individual and collective journeys.


Whether new or well acquainted with this practice, here's what you can expect: 

  • Plan for 60 minutes or less.

  • Bring any intentions or experiences you would like to focus on receiving support around processing/integrating that are currently front and center in your life. Keep to yourself or share with the group. (Can't attend live but want to share what's here for you - email these to me prior to the event

  • Be guided through a gentle relaxation practice and shift into receiving mode. 

  • Listen softly and receive the collective tuning. 

  • Share questions and reflections related to the experience. 

  • Walk away feeling lighter, supported, and more clear about your next steps.

Body Talk

Set aside time for self-care with LIVE guided midday meditations on Insight Timer

Click the button below to see what we have coming up in Insight Timer and save the date so you don't miss it! 


Not on Insight Timer? Be sure to download the app - starting with the free version offers more than enough, especially for getting started. Follow me there and enjoy this practice with ease.

Weaving Insight
Live Meditations

About Becca

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Rebecca Marshall, MS, LMHC, CBP, CCTP, is the founder of ActivXchange. At the heart of her work lies a passion for empowering people of all genders, races, and backgrounds to engage in conscious living from a space of alignment, clarity, and ease. Clients learn to activate and deepen connections with their innate wisdom, actively engaging in practices and cultivation of Participatory Lifestyle Medicine™. 

A practitioner of integrative mental health for over a decade, Becca was drawn through her personal journey of growth healing to weave complementary Eastern methods with evidence-based Western approaches to optimizing healthcare. Over the years, she has successfully supported individuals who are motivated to tap into their natural human capacity for healing and living well.

Many who know her have come to see Becca as a way-shower, skilled in guiding groups and individuals in developing perspectives and practices that support transitioning through the transformational seasons or cycles of life that are part of this ever-evolving journey. 

​As a clinician, Becca has nearly 20 years of experience in psychology, energy medicine, and holistic, mind-body approaches to cultivating and empowering health and wellness. Becca is a trauma-informed, licensed mental health counselor (in the State of Florida) and certified practitioner of BodyTalk, mindfulness, and wellness coaching. Becca has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University at Buffalo and a Master of School Counseling from Canisius College and regularly engages in ongoing training and educational opportunities.​

Becca is actively enhancing knowledge, skill, and best practices as an entheogen/psychedelic-informed provider supporting integrating plant-medicine and other consciousness expansion methods and approaches (breath work, meditation, Etc.) through engagement.

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