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Crossing Over the Threshold

As we move closer to and through the simultaneous endings and beginnings of each day that marks the path to January 1, cultivating intentional reflections with each step can be incredibly supportive.

As many of you know, since the end of February 2021, I have been deeply engaged in explorations of a nomadic lifestyle. This experience has opened opportunities to frequent encounters with moving to and through thresholds – inviting conscious engagement in the simultaneous practice of saying hello and goodbye to people, places, communities, homes, and lands over 36 times in 2.9 years. Little did I know, upon initially embarking on this journey, that I was entering a sort of first-hand training for moving through the literal transitions of life at a relatively high speed.

Recently, as I sit in reflection with my heart, it is clear that, over these past few months I have been in the process of crossing a over the threshold yet again. I've come to recognize particular signals of my body, heart and mind as a call to allow this particular lifestyle to come to a close. With this, I have chosen said yes to the invitation to create a rooted, more permanent nest once again. So until further notice, and undoubtedly with some trips here and there, I'll be coming to you from the magnetic, tree lined, waterfall imbued Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.

Stay tuned as I share more insights, lessons, and stories from these nomadic adventures

over the coming year.

In the meantime, I want to share some specifics from one of my favorite conscious lifestyle practices as we support ourselves in crossing over the current collective threshold from 2023 and into the new year.

Reflection & Intending

The last two weeks of December hold a potent invitation for us. Here are a few steps I take when knowingly approaching such a change:

  1. Knowingly set aside time: Consider when might be most supportive for you to intentionally engage this practice. Is it in the morning or evening, over 15 minutes of a lunch break? Consider the amount of time that might feel good to dedicate to this, it could range from a few minutes to a few hours. This is an personal decision and there is truly no better or worse. 

  2. Select your preferred method: use a journal, voice recorder, or make a date with a friend.

  3. Spend some time turning toward one, two, or more of the prompts (below).

  4. Engaging in mindful reflection and intending.

Note: Taking a mindful approach to this process means that we purposefully intend to turn toward these inquiries with a sense of being in the present moment, with a lightness in our perspective that holds a space of non-judgement while practicing the belief that in each and every moment, we are doing the best we can

  • As I look back over the months of this year, where was I when it started? What were my hopes, intentions dreams? How did I want to show up to life, myself and those I love? And since then, what have I become with the passing of each day, week, and month?

  • What was one of the biggest lessons that came into my life this year?

  • What am I most proud of?

  • What am I grieving?

  • What am I aware I’m still healing through?

  • Identify 1-3 intentions for what I’m releasing.

  • Identify 1-3 intentions for what I’m calling in.

  • What am I looking forward to with the onset of the coming year?

  • What am I most afraid of?

  • From my life experience to date, what are my greatest strengths (1-3+) and areas where I could use more support (1-3+)?

  • If all I needed to do was show up, trusting that all the rest was taken care of, how might I spend my time and with whom? 

  • Now, with after shedding light on each of these inquiries, what is one mantra that will support me in the process of crossing over the threshold and into the new year?

We can turn toward reflecting and intending in hundreds of ways - comment with some of your favorite prompts - I'd love to work with them, too! 

With Kindness,



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