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What is Lifestyle Medicine?

Amid the currents of daily life, the start of this new year signifies an opportune time to pause, reflect, reorient, and direct. Here we are. We've made it over the threshold weeks into 2024, and what is your outlook on this new year?

Though this time of year marks a period of reflection and intention-setting for many, this process is more than just one-and-done. It's more of a rinse and repeat while remembering that this journey through life contains shifts and turns we often wouldn't have expected. Like it or not, we are tasked with navigating a non-linear path.

One thing that helps me stay the course is identifying a guiding word or intention for the year. This year, for me, it's follow-through.

Over time, I've come to recognize that I am great at coming up with a zillion creative ideas, and I feel loads of energy and excitement in getting them started, but seeing them through can be a challenge. For all the astrology lovers, perhaps this obstacle is related to my Aries sun…?

Whatever the cause, as I've been laying out plans and sorting intentions, I am also reviewing the go-to supports necessary for helping remove obstacles to feel successful in my aims.

Setting ourselves up for success can be supported by engagement in what I like to call Participatory Lifestyle Medicine™ (PLM). PLM is an individualized plan of action for supporting our navigation of life in alignment with a desired direction, and it is something I work with clients to develop. Identifying and engaging PLM is a critical practice that can bring more ease to our journey while bolstering our chances of following through.

One favorite lifestyle medicine practice in my cabinet is the receiving of BodyTalk Sessions. BodyTalk is an energy medicine modality I was introduced to about ten years ago. Due to the powerful shifts I experienced, I was inspired to become certified to bring this into my work to share with others. Today, I am excited to announce something I've wanted to do for some time – which opens more opportunities to share this with you!

Here I am, in December 2017, sharing an impromptu BodyTalk Session with my oldest niece, Riley. 

Some cool facts: BodyTalk as a modality is gentle, non-invasive, safe for all ages and can be offered in person or at a distance! 


As we reflect on the elements of our lifestyle medicine cabinet for the year, consider it a collection of tools, resources, and practices to support our overall well-being. Making the time to identify these elements is a practice that contributes to experiencing a healthier and more fulfilling life. This introspective journey involves recognizing what habits, rituals, and intentions will form the foundation of your well-being strategy in the coming months.

What daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly practices will nurture your physical, mental, and emotional health? Are there specific commitments you're making to yourself? Dive into the essence of your well-being, consider what has worked for you in the past, and new practices you've been considering testing out while exploring the tools and practices that resonate with your unique needs and aspirations. It can be fun and helpful to do this in the company of friends, sharing what we know while remaining open to learn what has worked for others. 

Breaking down your well-being strategy into daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly components provides a practical roadmap for sustainable growth, transformation and self-care. 

Here's an example of how you can create your own list of lifestyle medicine supports:

Let's face it: life can and will show up to us in novel and unexpected ways. Creating a plan of PLM becomes our go-to for helping us remember the supports available to us along the way so we may enact resilience, reestablish balance, and be open to clarity when needed - it is the establishment of a knowing what to do and when! As Maya Angelou alludes, we may not always show up the way we'd like, yet as we learn, we can adjust. Identifying and implementing our methods of PLM is a critical factor in opening our capacity to do so.


✨ May we embrace the non-linear path of life, navigating its twists and turns with resilience and grace.

✨ May we find strength in our commitment to follow through on our intentions, turning creative ideas into tangible realities.

✨ May we honor the imperfections in our actions, understanding that growth often comes from learning and adapting along the way.

With Kindness,



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