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Connect and Reflect Community

~ Supporting Health & Conscious Living ~

Books change lives, it takes a village!


We don’t have all the answers. 

New information is ever emerging.  It can be a lot to sort through the material and actually take steps to incorporate new insights and lessons  into our lives.

There is power in reading books & taking time to reflect on personal impacts and impressions, in the safety of a heart-centered, community, can add exponential value.  

When engaged in this way, Books become bibliotherapy: the practice of “facilitating psychological growth and healing through reading.”

This community is a resource for you to enjoy as you engage & align with your  personalized lifestyle medicine practices (PLM), engaging with like-minded community will help you thrive! 

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Join ourBook Club, rooted in the values and practices of AXC.  


Become a member of this private community; read and engage in conversations led by Becca, founder of AXC, intended to cultivate & enhance your personalized journey of health & well-being.

Themes include consciousness-based, holistic & integrative approaches to supporting healthy lifestyles.  

How does it work? 

Easy, every two months a new book is selected. Read at your own pace during this time, engaging with community as much or as little as you's like through our private FB group - then, for each selection, members of our private community are inited to attend an intimate Reflection Event hosted by Becca Marshall, livestream via zoom.

  • Reflection Events

    •  Special, *Members Only* event: Join and discuss your experience with our latest read, share what resonated with you while discovering how the read touched the lives of others. Declare your biggest take away, and anchor special gems into your daily lifestyle mindsets and practices.

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Current Book Selection:
Viktor Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning
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Reflection Event




Thursday, August 18 @ 7:30 pm EST


Join us Live for the event;

virtually via Zoom.

Zoom link will be made available via email & FB Group

to members of our private Connect & Reflect Community.

All C&R Events are donation-based.

This month, should you choose to donate, 80% of all donations will be be shared directly with Black Girls Breathing (The remaining 20% will go toward administrative event fees).

Black Girls Breathing prioritizes opportunity, access, validation, and healing for Black women and girls.

To learn more visit:

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Yoga at Home

  Join for the Books, Stay for the Community! - Becca Marshall

Our Past Reads:

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