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ActivXchange is dedicated to the promotion and enhancement of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and wellbeing through teaching, guiding & supporting the cultivation of Participatory Lifestyle Medicine.

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BodyTalk Cortices Technique

Previous Reflection Event Reads

Attitudes of Mindfulness– Tips from Jon Kabat-Zinn

mindfulness tips
Introduction to The Attitudes
Beginners Mind
Letting Go
Gratitude and Generosity


I had an exceptional BodyTalk session with Becca. Prior to the session, we had a discovery phone call where Becca and I went over what I was looking for and whether or not she would be a good match for me based on my current status/goals. During our actual session, Becca’s empathy was what made me feel most open, safe and acknowledged throughout. The actual BodyTalk portion of our session felt as if my energy was being shifted, and only in the days to come was I fully aware of how different I was feeling: light, energized and renewed! I’m so thankful for her practice and expertise! x

~ K.G., Life Coach

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