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About Lifestyle Medicine

Our dedication to supporting the enhancement of holistic health is rooted in knowledge, wisdom and practices that are supportive, natural and founded on the trust of each persons innate wisdom. 

Why ActivXchange is Right for You

ActivXchange specializes in working collaboratively with clients to activate, maintain and optimize health & well-being.

People who choose to work with us are ready to receive support as they explore internal conflicts & nudges for change, uncovering blind spots, and discover new ways of being that lead to enhanced satisfaction, quality and ease in their lives - now and for the future.


Our backgrounds in psychology, mind-body connection, and integrative health provide the foundation for meeting the whole-person needs of our clients.

We honor the interconnections between-mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of being, recognizing that each of these parts of self are intricately linked, one impacting all others.


We specialize in offering holistic solutions to your healthcare needs through the use of science-backed, mind-body, therapeutic approaches.


Participatory Lifestyle Medicine (PLM)

Active engagement in practices, skills and mindsets, that support maintenance and cultivation of health and wellbeing, Participatory Lifestyle Medicine (PLM) is individualized and fluid. It is designed to ebb, flow and change – in direct alignment with one's needs as they grow and evolve over time, supporting maintenance and activation of desired lifestyle.

PLM Defines the active approach to healthcare and wellness engagement that is at the heart of the ActivXchange (AXC) philosophy and approach.


Through engaging in services and offerings with AXC, individuals and families come to value their own expertise, the importance of their symptom experiences, inner nudges, questions and concerns. Practitioners work collaboratively, pairing the expertise of clients with their specialized expertise: training, knowledge and practice.

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