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How to Set Your Life on Fire

Whoa, anyone else feeling the heat of this powerful quote? Housed within the connection of these 11 simple words, Rumi invites us to do something BIG. May we 'set our lives on fire' – Dive deep, become impassioned, burn that which is not serving us and allow the flames to transmute all that has been into what we wish for our lives to become. May we 'seek those who fan our flames” – Direct our energies toward only those: people, places, thoughts, intentions that contribute to fueling the light of our souls, passions, purpose. As we move through these the last days of August we experience the seasonal element of fire, we are invited to feel into a state of maximum expansion. With these natural energies present, we are supported to engage a powerful process for honing in on truths so that we may acknowledge that in our lives which is serving us, allowing all the rest to fall away. The process of discerning and clearing is natural and ongoing. Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, invites this process as part of the cyclical nature of things. It allows us to tend directly to the center core of our lives – so that we may move forth in connection with that which cultivates & nourishes our light.

Mindset Reflection: Where your attention goes, your energy flows.

Our energy is our power! Where have you been sourcing the fuel for your energy? Has your attention been directed toward thoughts, people, projects… that are serving you, or those that drain? Through the power of choice we get to work with our awareness and intention to better direct the source and outcome of our energies. Let's take a moment to check in together, opening to the support of these seasonal energies as we walk the path of our natural evolution and growth. In doing so, we become humbled by the truth of our nature opening and aligning with Seasonal Change.

Tip: Tune in, decipher the vibe of your connections.

What impact do your connections have on your mind, body, spirit dynamic, are they fanning your flames?

You can gain insight by tuning into the felt sensations of your bodymind energies. Are the people and places you are spending your time, attention lighting you up or weighing you down?

Take a moment to consider a few things, tune into the felt sense of your body to notice the impact. Here, I’ll guide you through:

Recall a thought that has been on your mind sometime in this past week. Perhaps it is one that has felt pleasant or encouraging to you. Take a moment with this thought – it may be of a person, place, idea, thing… The content itself doesn’t much matter. As you rest with it for a moment, allowing your attention to be there – take a breath – fully in and out. Then invite your attention to scan through the body – noticing any textures/sensations that are here.

Now, take another breath – clearing the slate.

Now, invite another thought to come to mind. This time, bring your attention to one that has felt challenging, unpleasant or worrisome. Take a moment with this thought – it may be of a person, place, idea, thing… You can't get it wrong. Allow your attention to rest with it for a moment, then – take a breath – fully in and out. Then invite the attention to scan through your bodymind – noticing any textures/sensations that are here.

What comes up for you? Did you notice a difference in your experience of sensation, emotion, etc. as you felt into these differing thoughts? Use the information discovered to support and guide you in intentionally direct your attention and energy.

Didn't notice any differences the first time around, that's totally okay! Honing the skill of tuning into the felt sensations in our bodyminds is a practice. I encourage you, work with it. Over my years of practice, learning to decipher the language of the body in this way has proven to be a powerful guide.

You have the capacity to step into the driver’s seat of your life, take the wheel determining the best sources to, in the words of Rumi -Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames. Doing so is a lifestyle rooted in the cultivation of deliberate awareness, discernment and empowered choice!

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