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It Takes a Village

As we support our journeys, walking the path of conscious living, let us lean toward soft entries as we engage our personalized, Participatory Lifestyle Medicine™.

No matter our age, there's truth in the saying: It takes a village! ✨

We cultivate the change we wish to create in our lives through interconnection and community.

Like the busy bees, cultivating desired outcomes, whether focused on our internal or external worlds, becomes lighter and sweeter when done in community.

Even when we may be pursuing a solo path, support always guides us, seen or unseen, known or unknown. Supports may arise haphazardly, like when things simply fall into place, or they may be cultivated and engaged with intention.

If we have the option, why not open to a bit of ease, consciously deciding to choose the latter?

Making a conscious decision to engage with like-minded communities that offer something in alignment with where we are going is an example of leaning toward a soft entry. This engagement becomes like a tool or salve readily accessible in our medicine cabinet. It is there to support us as we continue toward our overarching aim.

When exploring options for where such a supportive community may exist for you, it helps to consider: What would I like to create in this life? What might be my first, next step? Which communities may be best for helping me get there?

As in a hive of bees, once we know the overarching direction of our aim (theirs: the creation of honey), the queen (aka our wise hearts) is able to give the marching orders. From these directives, clarity arises on our path again.

As we take intentional steps to engage robust containers of support, it helps to follow these three steps: 1. Engage 2. Align, 3. Thrive 🌿

Actively engage curiosity and discovery, inviting play as you explore options for find your community or tribe. Be open to feeling into groups you may not initially be drawn to. Remember, where you are going is different than where you are. Sticking with your comfort may give you more of what you’ve been getting. Have fun, and try things that are unfamiliar and new. 

Commit to showing up to the events, offerings, and engagements. Set a period of time within which you are committed to continue. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you have to commit forever. It is natural and normal for our needs and perspectives to change as we go, so the communities we engage with will vary over time as well. This commitment is key however, because without it we will continue to waver, swayed by momentary moods and whims. Sticking to our overarching aims requires engaging the practice of sticking. Once you’ve decided and begun to engage a new commitment with structure, you’ll find that all the other things of life will begin to align. Alignment is activated through committed decision.

At times, different mental states arise around our engagement, especially at first. We may experience questioning or doubt. We may feel strapped, limited, and overwhelmed; this can lead us to a stream of thought that questions what we will get out, as it attempts to determine what to put in. Consider catching and redirecting from this, alternatively turning toward the commitment to engage and practice putting in what you wish to get out. Rinse and repeat, opening to your new village, and see how quickly the flowers grow. 

🌟 May we open our hearts and discover the beauty in the act of engaging, for even when our hands seem empty, the potential for profound connection is there. 

🌟 May we embrace the treasures we possess, whether they be plentiful or scarce, and allow their gentle essence to radiate out in the world.

🌟 May we say yes, opening to give and receive in the blessings of supportive community as we support this journey along our ever-evolving path. 

With Kindness,



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