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Join Me . . .In Community & Celebration...

2 YEARS of open doors @ ActivXchange...

On March 12, 2018 ActivXchange opened its doors to clients in Coral Gables, FL and virtually around the world. Though the seeds of this work took root long before then, I recognize the significance of this week and invite you to join me in this opportunity to pause, reflect and celebrate this milestone, while acknowledging that we are in the midst of a serious, global health challenge at this time.

I'm curios, what vision are you seeing coming to life that may have "begun" for you a couple years ago?

One thing I've learned breathing life into this heart-led vision, is that this work of being a healthcare entrepreneur requires a true blend of business, art and science and like many things in life, it is not for the faint of heart.

Inspiring new levels of health through counseling, coaching and consulting; opening doors for others to tap into innate healing capacity of the bodymind

- up-leveling conscious living & empowering participatory healthcare -

is both my passion and my work and it comes with it's own share of

joys and challenges.

Perhaps this is the case for most chapters of our lives. Requiring courage, patience, flexibility, trust... and sharing with community,

both our trials and our wins

In the end, isn't it really about - showing up for what's showing up for you -the best we can in any moment - trusting that despite the challenge at had in one way or another we will make it through.

Let's not forget... the importance of fact checking, broadening perspectives, leaning in on supports, celebrating wins and knowing what to do...

Given the world health crisis that is unfolding at this time - it is more important than ever that we support ourselves, families and communities in taking action to engage in opportunities to shift our relationship to fear, worry and uncertainty - which we can blanket label as STRESS.

Taking time to focus on other important aspects of life can help to broaden our perspectives, calm our nervous systems and open us to sharing in the fullness of our lives - even at this time.

Click here to watch my recent Live Conversation with Dr. Laura Stuve - molecular biologist specializing mind-body health. In the fall of last year, a conversation with Dr. Stuve inspired the current Read & Reflect Selection: The Upside of Stress: Why stress is good for you and how to get good at it, by Kelly McGonigal.

Yesterday she met with me to discuss why this book is critical reading for each of us. The conversation touches on the interconnection between our thoughts and our immune system and offers immediately applicable steps for shifting ones relationship with stress. Haven't gotten the book yet? I'm telling you - NOW is the time 🙂

Near the end of the video, Dr. Stuve also recommends for all of us to practice a 10 min game changing practice for "Rethinking Stress" - taken directly from the book. If you'd like access to this practice send a quick reply to this email

and I'll send it along!

See below for a link to JOIN the AXC FB Community and get involved with our Integrative Book Club!

Lastly - take a moment to view, learn and share this powerful, stress-shiftingBodyTalk Cortices Technique mentioned in our last AXC Newsletter.

Join the AXC Community:

Our latest book selection:

The Upside of Stress, by Kelly McGonigal WHY STRESS IS GOOD FOR YOU and HOW TO GET GOOD AT IT

Stay tuned for the Live Conversation & Participate in the Livestream Reflection Event ~Wednesday, April 1st @ 7:30 pm Zoom Link available in the Private FB Group (click link above) _________________________________________

Ready to shift your relationship with stress?

Learn to listen to the signals of your body.

Level-up health & wellness through science-based practices of self-care.

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