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National Mental Health Awareness Month

We are holistic beings. Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual aspects of being are dynamically interwoven throughout each of our lives and all of our experiences. This May in honor National Mental Health Awareness Month, ActivXchange will be recognizing the importance of this multi-faceted interplay, taking a closer look at how - within the opportunity to embrace our our holistic experience is an opportunity to embrace our wholehearted selves; the shadow (the parts we often hide away, feeling discomfort/shame about) and the light (those we often enjoy shedding light upon, and feel comfortable sharing with the world. In so many ways - attending to our mental-emotional health, (though as a culture we certainly have made strides), has long been an aspect of self quarantined to the shadows. This month, together as a community, we will be taking steps specifically geared toward shifting this habit, cultivating new practices that will support us in recognizing, allowing, investigating, and nurturing (gently RAINing upon) our relationship with challenging parts of our experience. Paradoxically, it is when we begin to turn toward the shadow that we open ourselves to living more and more within the truth of our light. Let's face it, #MentalHealthMatters and there is more that we can continue to do to support this knowing as we nurture our evolvement in this ever changing world.

Affirmations to support ourselves and others during this time of embracing and accepting all that is within us:

🌗 May we allow our natural surroundings to teach us about trust, surrender, and knowing as we make our way through each day. 🌗 May we embrace both the shadow and the light within, using each to empower us as we move forward in new and beautiful ways. 🌗 May we fully know and accept ourselves, allowing the stars to shine through darkened skies.

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