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Natures Mirroring Moon

This week we are invited to bask in the light of the full moon.

Every month we are given the opportunity to bring our attention to the ever changing phases of the moon. The cycle patterned and predictable, though somehow always offering a stunning new message and unique view. Over time, ancient wisdoms and science have taught us, onlooking star gazers, that the significance of these shifting phases impacts more than just our visual view.

These phase changes, an ongoing dance between the earth, the sun and the moon creates an ever changing visual masterpiece, while simultaneously influencing gravitational forces - the effects of which may be easiest to decipher within the rising and falling of ocean tides.

Always fascinated by constellations, meteor showers and the vast darkness of the night sky, it is not a surprise that over the years I have been drawn more and more to learn about and attune aspects of my life to the shifting phases of the moon.

Through this I've come to learn that each of us, within our own micro-universe of body and mind, like the earth - hold in our body a vast amount water and "water ways" through which all matter and energy flow. (Subtle waterways of thought, emotion, qi... Physical waterways of blood, nerve, lymph...) And which, like the ocean tides are influenced by the gravitational shifts that correspond with the

interconnected phases of the moon.

In many traditions the full moon is honored by the significance of a sort of - "taking stock" - honoring the fullness of all that is in this moment - with an open invitation for, from this place of fullness, letting go...

Like the cycles of breath flowing into and through our bodies, like the exchange of time and light through moments marked by day and night; we grow though phases of our own life from very very young to very very old - ever gathering, growing, cleansing, shedding... Someplace between empty (or as the moon phase is named: "new") and full again and again...

This November, as I've reflected on the invitation for letting go inherent in this full moon I recognize the aspects of my life which are in a constant state of flux and observe the repeated mirroring of this in nature - and now through the moon phases that mark the landscape of our night sky.

Today and in whenever it so speaks to the heart:

May we take moments to reflect and abide in the ever changing nature of life with the steadiness, grace and ease that is reflected to us by the cyclical phases of our seasonal surrounds ~ mountains, oceans, trees, the moon...May we witness the allowing and come to know it as our own ~ letting go of any resistance or holdings that may otherwise show up as obstacles along our path.May we come to sense the natural beauty and sparkles of light present amongst our own shifting phases ~ as mirrored by that of the glistening stars amongst a darkened night sky.

Where has nature been showing up as a reflective mirror in your life and what is this curriculum mindfully teaching you?

I'd love for you to share...

With Kindness, Becca

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