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Reciprocal Flow ~ An Act Of Self-Care

Anyone else...? For me, it totally hits home.

As the second oldest of six children, I was quite literally BORN into a helping role. And I'll admit - conditioning or not, the opportunity to make an impact in the life of another, in even the slightest of ways has been incredibly rewarding. Professionally, a deep honor and privilege.

Today, in the United States, we are immersed in a culture of independence. Often times the practice of self-reliance & personal responsibility - the handling things for ourselves can be downright empowering - leaving us with a deep sense of satisfaction and success.

Though incredibly rewarding, these skills when practiced solely and overtime can lead to isolation, stress, and loneliness. In my own life these practices showed up well disguised as having "a strong work ethic".

Despite its rewards - the vantage of always looking out, tending to the needs of others - when enacted out of balance with receiving, and truly honoring the needs of self is a sure path to depletion, burnout and overwhelm.

Ya see, as humans - we must be taught so many things. Those of you who are parents know, we must learn to brush our teeth and tie our shoes, to hold utensils, to bring food to our mouths...

And somewhere along the line of this developing culture, the lesson on how to open and allow the same level of supportwe are regularly taught to give was never properly developed, perhaps it was altogether missed.

Over time the results of "single-lane giving" leads to health challenges, deep internal discomfort and inflammation - the root cause of most physical pain and disease. In my own life, the absence of this lesson led to an innocent level of personal neglect and health challenges almost required surgery.

Thankfully, along the way I discovered new means to a whole other end...

May we tend to the needs of our own bodies and minds with the same level of commitment, kindness, dedication and care we regularly offer others.

May we speak aloud our thoughts, worries & dreams.

May we open to moments of support and shared problem-solving when facing personal needs.

In practicing these habits we enhance the strength of self-reliance, balancing this privilege with the nourishment available through self-care transforming our lives and the health trajectory of our country and planet for years to come.

Through these actions, may our modeling become the lesson. In the words of Ghandi, I invite you to join me, together may we "Be the change"!

With Kindness, Becca

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