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The Powerful Realm of Embodiment

Embodiment is all about residing within the truth of our experience. The body, this physical vessel that is home to our precious human life, is embodiments vehicle.

Through intentional engagement with embodiment practices, we increase our skill, developing our capacity to tolerate and speak the language of the signals that flow through our felt sense.

This awareness offers the language of personal insight, directing our ability to meet and care for our needs. Our ability to “listen to” and decipher these messages enhances our potential for opening to the full range of our human experience.

Herein lies the doorway to joy.

Embodiment is an choice.

It is a blend of science and art,

a practice that never ends.

It is a tool for valuing and caring for ourselves

as we grow and change overtime.

Conscious embodiment connects us to the vast wisdom which resides within and flows through the body; guiding us toward expansions of growth, connection, and love. 🌟💖

As we engage practices of embodiment, we build our tolerance for and awareness of the felt sense so that overtime we may learn to work with our sensations, allowing them to inform, guide and empower an authentic expression of self. This fosters internal security and trust as we move through the day-to-day of life with each step. 🌱🚶🏾

At our last Empowering Heath Connection Event, Katie McIntyre and I touched deeply into resources and practices for “Supporting Healing & Expansion, Empowered by the Breath.” In this workshop we explored engaging the practice of breath awareness as a tool in and of itself, which offers a doorway to embodiment.

Engaging our conscious awareness activates a domino effect – where each door leads to the next, and the next and the next.

To say we are embodied is saying we are tuned into a true awareness of the felt sense experience of our life. Embodiment is the doorway to joy because it is a practice that opens us to the opportunity to know and follow our true authenticity. 🌿

Activating our awareness of the breath offers the door into the vast array of felt sensations that are regularly sharing their communications within the physical vessel of our bodies, which on any given day, the average individual is largely disconnected from.

Embodiment is the doorway to joy. It is a practice, which opens us to the opportunity to know and follow our true authenticity.


By tending to our roots through ongoing engagement with community, learning, reflection, and self-care we nourish our foundations becoming empowered to reach new heights.

Here are a few more ways to actively nourish our roots:

1️⃣ Creative Expression

Art, music, writing, or any form of self-expression can serve as a powerful tool for processing, integration and self-discovery.

2️⃣ Connect with Nature

Spend time in nature to ground and reconnect with the natural rhythms of life. Nature offers profound insights and can aid in assimilating our experiences.

3️⃣ Mind-Body Practices

Engage in practices that harmonize mind, body, and spirit. Yoga, breathwork and other holistic activities can foster a deeper sense of unity within.

We'd love to hear more from our community... What are your go-to tools and resources for nourishing roots? If you feel called to share, please comment below and share some of your own tips for nourishment with us.


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