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Personal Growth, Healing & Transformation

for Conscious Leaders, Seekers, and Guides

Nourish Your Roots

Embarking on a transformational journey can feel overwhelming and uncertain. You may be struggling with emotional imbalance, seeking clarity, and feeling disconnected.

Together, we will find a way forward in the restoration, maintenance, optimization, and expansion of your well-being.

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“Our energy will always seek health” -Caroline Myss

Partners in Change

At ActivXchange, we believe that every person is the hero of their own journey.


Our mission is to empower you to navigate your personal path to healing, growth and transformation with courage, grace and ease, while cultivating...

Emotional Balance: Cultivate calm amidst life's chaos.


Clarity: Gain a deeper understanding of your purpose and direction.

Alignment: Live from a profound connection with your authentic self.

We're here to support every step of your health and well-being journey.

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We have dedicated our services to empowering conscious seekers & leaders in business, health and life to live engaged & aligned while navigating personalized journeys of healing, growth and evolvement.

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Individual Coaching

& Therapy

Our therapy & coaching services offer a safe space for you to connect in a personalized,

one-on-one relationship with one of our qualified professionals.


Group Programs

Our powerful mastermind community specially designed to support conscious leaders inspired to make meaningful impacts in their businesses, communities & homes, founded in authenticity, integrity and ease.     


Community Events

We host monthly events designed to enhance health & well-being through the introduction of materials and practices in support of your conscious lifestyle. Learn, grow, and expand within the supportive container of our conscious community.

The AXC Team

We specialize in supporting the restoration, maintenance, optimization, and expansion of your personalized journey.


Integrative Wellness Coach & Psychotherapist

Rebecca Marshall, MS, LMHC, CBP, CCTP 

Specializing in supporting conscious leaders and seekers navigate emotion regulation, integration and healing while moving through personal expansion, evolvement & the transitions of life. 

We Specialize In...


Mind-Body Connections


Emotional Regulation & Balance

Enhancing Relationships with

Self & Others


Trauma Resolution


Conscious Living as



Honor your wellbeing with an integrative healthcare practice based on your mind, body and spirit.

I didn’t quite know what to expect when Becca and I began working together. Throughout our sessions, I felt lovingly challenged to reframe how I viewed certain aspects of personal struggles. I gained tools to cope with some of those things, as well as what I can only refer to as “medicine” through our sessions. I made a major life decision through this process which I can directly tie to the result of our work together, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I strongly recommend Becca to any open-hearted soul who is ready to listen to the wisdom within.  

- Shannon, Human Resources & Diversity Director

"All of my dreams were beginning to come true. I was going for it in love and business, and everything kept moving forward, and still I felt stuck. I was ready to move beyond past traumas, and I was willing to practice new ways. I started working with Becca after I was hospitalized for stomach pain. What were bleeding ulcers in 2020 would’ve developed into a heart attack and death in short order. Today I am taking accountability for everything in my life, and I feel empowered, stronger every day. My stomach feels clean and relaxed most days. Through this work I’ve begun to see that my operating system, my inherited and adopted beliefs were preventing growth. My life is fundamentally better; the quality of my relationships, the way in which I navigate stress at work. I am happy and experiencing joy in my days. Becca is the best of what she does."

- JD Stier, President Stier Forward 

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