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A Note On Perspective Shifts

The Uplifting Power of Perspective Shifts

What do you see when you take in this picture?

This image is of a street art painting - captured at Wynwood Walls - one of Miami's leading art districts... Have you been?

It amazes me to think of the shift in perspective that has occurred within our society around such scenes. Images once seen as disrespectful graffiti -a disgrace for a community setting - now honored as desirable, pricy, well sought after ART.

This change has occurred in my lifetime. Allowing me, and many of you, the opportunity to witness and experience this drastic shift. Today - art of this nature decorates the walls of cities around the world. Prints alone sell for thousands upon thousands of dollars.

Have you ever considered that we too can be called to reimagine aspects of our own worlds, inner and outer, invited to witness them in new light, with the option for adjusting our experience, association, opinion of things?

Thoughts, Emotions, Experiences, People - Often, from a space of autopilot we are accustomed to assigning meaning to these things. This is not a "problem" per say - rather it is part of the nature of our humanity directly linked to the way we are designed to experience life.

Imagine if the meanings we assigned, like that of the street art,

were to shift...

Through practices of attending, grounding, tapping in - we gain skills in opening, which allow for new ways of viewing our internal and external worlds. Curiosity and beginners mind cultivate new mind maps associations, forming fresh lenses through which our perspectives lighten and shift.

When I look into this image, I see an invitation to reimagine, to reconceptualize, to dream, to raise vibrations and release resistances and I see the elements of nature stepping in as encouraging guides supporting us along the way.

Opening to such shifts takes courage, practice, community support and a sharpened ability to tap into presence.

*May views that hold us back, or no longer serve us be experienced through the lens of curiosity. May we open to the uplifting potentials available within even the most subtle of perspective shifts. May prior grievances from our own stories shift in understanding, freshly viewed as sought after specimens of art.

Interested in cultivating these capacities in your own life? Reach out today, Schedule a FREE Discovery Call & learn more about my new course offering:

With Kindness, Becca

Reflection Event

*The Miracle of Water, by Dr. Emoto*

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019 @ 7:30 pm

*Deep Bow to all who participated in the Hurricane Dorian Disaster Relief Special - together we raised $400 in cash donations for the Bahamas! Stay tuned for additional ActivXchange specials available throughout the year.


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