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Independence Vs. Community

The Laws of the Universe

These days, depending on our circles, we may hear talk about the Laws of The Universe and how to become more practiced in our awareness and understanding of them, as we aim to live our best lives.

Often times in this American culture we have been taught that independence is the way to go, that we must chart and pursue our own path.

Having been raised as a fifth generation American, I find immense value in this aspect of our culture. The way I see it, this drive toward independence is what led my ancestors, and likely yours, (perhaps not so far removed), to forge a path for the lives unfolding before each of us today.

This drive, no doubt, guided my move from small town Western New York to San Francisco, CA at age 19, where I was first exposed to the value of

exploring the variety and diversity of life.

For all of this, I have deep gratitude.

Yes, there is value in independence, and yet - that is not where the story ends. It is important that we also take pause to view through a broader lens. From this 'point' we gain perspective, invited to recognize and honor the universal interconnectedness and importance of community

amongst all things.

From this view, our blindspots diminish, we become better able to see the interplay between independence and community, and recognize that without the one we would not have the other. There is truth in the Universal Law which speaks to the interconnectedness of all things.

I'd love to hear, how community and interconnectedness

(past, present, or future) has supported you along this winding path of life?

With Kindness,


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