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Reflections on Perspective

Our perceptions set the tone. The tone sets the vibration. The vibration creates a wave, ripples which magnetize calling forth that which becomes our lived experience.

You may have heard the idea that our experiences and interactions act as mirrors, offering to us insights about the self. When we begin to consider that all people, places and things, including the more subtle nature of things: thoughts, emotions and molecules… emit vibrational signatures, we begin to understand more about how we may engage differently, more consciously perhaps. Becoming better cultivators of our lived experience. Our vibrational signatures are catalyzed through perspective. One of my favorite quotes from Instagram shared, “Your perspective is your signature” - unknown. Let’s all just take a breath with that one for a moment. Consider the weight we place on our literal signatures. On formal documents our signature is like the golden seal. Legal, binding. It represents our consent, our agreement. It is our word. And whether we are aware of it or not, our vibrational signature stemming from our thoughts, feelings, mindsets, expectations and beliefs, holds an equal amount of weight. Our vibrational signatures may be fixed or fluid. They heavily influence our immediate environments, internal and external, as they “butterfly effect” themselves throughout the world.

Let’s take this into our daily life. It can be helpful to start by choosing a couple areas of life and open to considering how we are in relationship to these. I invite you to allow the top two things that come to mind. Maybe it’s a person(s), place or thing. A family member, your partner, workplace, finances, home… Since many of us here are engaged in personal practices of lifestyle medicine™ - perhaps you choose something related to this. Take a moment to consider: What is the dominant perspective you hold toward this currently? Do you like it, do you not. Does it feel like something you have to do or something you get to do? How does just holding the thought of this feel, on a sensational level in your body? Do you feel soft and loose, open? Do you feel tight and tense, closed? What rises within that you want to do? Do you notice the wanting to turn toward this, in a sense? Perhaps it’s more of a wanting to get away? Is this perspective ultimately serving you? And by “serving you” I mean, is it feeling good in your body, your heart, your mind. This can be a little bit of a tricky one as it is important to discern whether we are being motivated to act by the underlying drive of fear or love. At first, both can seem like they are serving, which is where conscious awareness really comes in. As you continue to pause, feel into and take a closer look – it's important to note that fear as a driver/motivator for behavior is often the indicator of an emotion (vs. the true version of conscious self) being in the driver’s seat. This likely indicates that an activated stress-response in the nervous system is running the show (and it just might be a program that is not based in the present, but rather is rooted in the past). In the moment, this can certainly feel like it evokes moves that are serving us. However, when we are not acting from the truth of our own authentic response – we establish a misaligned signature. We all know how this feels as it resonates with our internal environments: disorientating, uncomfortable, out of balance. It's important to practice recognizing that feelings that fall in the unpleasant range are not necessarily a problem, though they may certainly feel like it - especially at first. Rather, practice viewing them as indicators that are serving us, by inviting us to pay attention in a different way. All experiences are linked to sensations and emotions. Our power lies in the way that we perceive them. The skill is, that we develop the capacity to feel the indicator, the range of sensation or emotion that arises, as simply what it is. It can help to note it's name (anxiety, fear, excitement...), and where it falls along the range of natural human experience (pleasant, unpleasant, neutral). When we do so, we gain more access to taking a moment to tune in, so that we may better discern the message our bodymind is attempting to send. This opens us to more conscious direction of our perceptions, our vibrational signatures. Intentionally influencing the skew with which we experience our world. Doing so releases vibrational tones which magnetize a whole cascade of events. It is your choice whether that cascade flows from autopilot or from your conscious direction.

Now, from your consideration, imagine what it might be like to hold an alternative view, around the very same thing. Say you have been engaged in the view, this is something I have to do. Now, try on the fit of a new perspective – imagine viewing it as something I get to do. Consider, what is the underlying driver of the current relationship? When you tune in, do you sense your motivations are being driven by love, which may look like an perceiving as an act/engagement that is nurturing, loving, connective to/for the self. Or fear, which often feels like the need to fix, change, get away from, separate and/or establish protection. What are the differences? What do you notice? How does these feel in your bodymind system? Which is a true representation of the vibrational signature you wish to be cultivating and rippling out to the world? Beautiful – practice this.

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