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The Giving Tree

The Modern Day Giver.

Raise your hand... Anybody familiar with this book?

The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein.

I know, I know, it's a classic!

A few months ago I was sitting with friends, honored with the privilege of meeting their new little baby. We were talking about books that are gifted to babies and the messages - implicit & explicit - held within.

I was inspired by the conversation & in awe of the mindful approach they took in choosing the messages that would surround their child.

As we talked, The Giving Tree, a book, which has adorned my office shelves for about 15 years now, (a School Counselor for K-8 students in the early days), came to mind.

I began to think about its message on a whole other level. So I picked it up and read through it again.

The cover states, the story "offers an affecting interpretation of the gift of giving and a serene acceptance of another's capacity to love in return".


But, gotta be honest, (beware this could get controversial. Lol),

I'm not so sure...

In light of the work I do today - guiding people to tune into their inner wisdom, teaching lifestyle practices that nourish the roots of self, so that others may become well equippedto engage in thedeeply satisfying work of tending to the needs of others- I see a different message.

And I believe that it is time for "Modern Day Givers"

- aka. wellness professionals, healthcare providers, coaches, therapists, business leaders, parents; those of us leading and guiding others to maintain a sense of direction, wellness, happiness and health -

to hangup the theme of this parable.

It is time to recognize, decide and act in ways which align and honor our own needs as important and equal. For, if the The Giving Tree, teaches us about love, it also teaches us about self-love. Illustrating that if we do not honor and value ourselves - overtime - we are left with little and from that, even less to give.

In the field of healthcare & helping professions we call this burnout.

Burnout is the direct result of engaging in the practice of

giving at the expense of self, which commonly stems from an erroneous belief that not doing so would be at the expense of others

- a belief through which guilt, overwork and exhaustion thrive.

NOW is the time for this cycle to be shifted. It is my heartfelt belief that this shift MUST come from us - as it is WE who are tasked with modeling the practices we commonly recommend, activelyshifting our lives into THRIVE.

To successfully cultivate these shifts, PRESENCE is KEY!

Ready to shift out of old paradigms? To learn practices that will allow you to show up to work, family and life from an

energy-rich, overflowing cup?

Join me, and a small group of others as we embark on an amazing journey:

With Kindness, Becca

Reflection Event

*The Miracle of Water, by Dr. Emoto*

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019 @ 7:30 pm

*Deep Bow to all who participated in the Hurricane Dorian Disaster Relief Special - together we raised $400 in cash donations for the Bahamas!

Stay tuned for additional ActivXchange specials available throughout the year.

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