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Welcoming 2020

Fresh Starts ~ New Year

There is something to be said about the spark of fire that seems to light within as we transition with well wishes of a Happy New Year.

A sense of uplift, possibility, blank slates, new beginnings...

This time of year, unique to any other - our global community seems to collectively engage the energies of reflection, intention.

Moments of pause in consideration of the growth and events of the year, perhaps decade, that has unfolded. Moments of pause in consideration of visions & dreams for the weeks and months which lay ahead.

Interesting, because in truth, doesn't each year, day, moment... actually hold space for stepping into something new - the opportunity to

re-create, begin again!?

Still, today this truth shines a little bit clearer and brighter,

like a camera lens coming into focus.

This year, as we meet day one of 2020 - may we allow the symbolism of these numbers - clarity, balance, even nature - to touch us deeply & resonate within.

In past decades, I spent many moments helping children & families struggling with difficulties related to paying attention - one of the primary symptoms of ADHD - that without proper guidance & care, negatively impact relationships&academic/workplace potentials - foundational aspectsof our paths to happiness and sense of personal value.

Imagine, you lose track of time, organization is a challenge, it is incredibly challenging to focus on the one critical task in front of you - task after task, day after day... Frustrations build both inside and out.

During these years, it was important for my colleagues and I to help those we worked with to internalize the truth of everyday opportunities for a fresh start.

We don't have to struggle with a diagnosis or severe symptoms to know that any of us can be challenged by habitual thoughts & patterns of interaction that sometimes repeat day after day. Through the natural genius & wiring of our bodymind brains - we quickly develop associations with people, places and things whether we are the individual struggling with a challenge personally - or someone tasked with the teaching, guiding, parenting... and it can be tough.

In the murky waters of strong frustration or other emotion - our ability to seeopportunities for a fresh start is masked & we tend to loose sight of the truth. Without this clarity of vision we risk loosing sight of motivation, of hope - of slipping into fear.

Though I no longer primarily serve this population, the message and motivational fuel of this wisdom has become critical for my own life & the lives of my clients today...

When we come to know that in truth - the motivating feeling of an opportunity for a fresh start that many of us experience as we move through this New Year's Holiday - is available for us at all times, like magic, ouroptions instantly expand. Leaving us with strength of character and belief in self - better equipped to move forward on our path of desired change.

May the fireworks, candles and lights that sparkle upon the glistening hats & dresses of this holiday be seen as symbols of hope, opportunity, fresh starts - Reminders that every moment of every day is an opportunity to show up to the fullest potential of our own personal truth and light.

This New Year, as the living beings around the world take a collective pause, I invite you to join me in these or any practices that feel good to you:

Tips for Welcoming 2020

Light Candles in honor of this fresh start, symbols of the opportunities which lay within and ahead.

Reflect in a journal, with a loved one or a friend on all that's unfolded for you in the past year - perhaps the past 10...

Sage your spaces, your physical body. Follow any inclination to cleanse.

Shine light through your smile & remember that the weightless sense of this day mirrors the truth of each moment that lies before you.

May we feel into this sense of expanded freedom as we embrace the

forgiving nature of this fresh start.

Wishing you and your loved ones a beautiful start to this 2020 New YEAR!

With Kindness, Becca


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